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Marcelo Tijerina, aka the MEXICAN DUBWISER, brings his post futuristic music, mixing cumbia, rock, reggae, funk and dub music to the masses on may 14 with the release of his debut cd Revolution Radio (Koolarrow Records)

First single and video is “Trouble in My Soul,” which samples Faith No More’s track “Stripsearch” and features bass and guitar work by Billy Gould of Faith No More.

Los Angeles, CA: Internationally known Mexican Dubwiser (Marcelo Tijerina) hails from Monterrey, Mexico. Currently a Los Angeles resident, Marcelo has risen up the ranks to become one of the most promising (and busiest) DJs, producers and performers, fusing Cumbia with rock, reggae, funk and dub music. His debut CD Revolution Radio, produced by Mexican Dubwiser and Ulises Lozano (Kinky), which will introduce his post futuristic sounds to audiences of all kinds, is set for a May 14 release on Billy Gould/Faith No More’s label, Koolarrow Records. In fact, there is a fantastically unique song sampled from Faith No More’s tune “Stripsearch” called “Trouble in My Soul.” Billy lends his bass and guitar playing to the tune and accompanying video. “Trouble in My Soul” also features Artwork Jamal on vocals and Ulises Lozano of Kinky on accordion. “Marcelo has taken the essence of the song ‘Stripsearch’ to an entirely different place, which to me is the hallmark of a great collaboration,” says Billy Gould.


Mexican Dubwiser with Faith No More’s Billy Gould

Those familiar with contemporary Latin music will recognize some heavyweight names among the collaborators on Revolution Radio. Marcelo explains, “I am open to all sorts of sounds, from the Beatles to Skrillex, from Perez Prado to the Clash, from Andres Landeros to Dr Dre, from Louis Armstrong to Thievery Corporation, from Fela Kuti to Café Tacvba. And of course Faith No More and other excellent rock bands. I’m always looking for new things, even if they were recorded before I was born, and to me, everything is new that I haven’t heard. I’m always looking for music from all over the world, and listening to it is what inspires my own music.” Revolution Radio includes collaborations with Billy Gould/FNM, and also Ulises Lozano (Kinky), Ruben Albarran (Cafe Tacvba), Pato Machete (Control Machete), Blanquito Man (King Chango), Celso Piña (well known Cumbia player), Yarah Bravo (artist), DJ Vadim (well known DJ/producer), Treasure Don, Artwork Jamal and Rocky Dawuni.

Faith No More adapted Cumbia style isn’t what one would expect…then again, Marcelo can always be counted on to do the unexpected. “I have always been a Faith No More fan. Everything started with the idea that I had of making a remix of the song ‘Stripsearch.’ I started by creating an original song, ‘Trouble in My Soul,’ which is more than a cover. I had the idea of using just the keyboard sample…it has the same cadence as ‘Stripsearch.’ But it’s a whole different approach, and uses elements of several musical genres: blues, rock, drum & bass, and Cumbia.”

Mexican Dubwiser Full Band

Mexican Dubwiser Full Band

Marcelo concludes, “I became a DJ for fun. It’s always been because I feel happy every time I play music for people, seeing their reaction. Just DJing was cool, until I got to a point where I need to do more for myself. I had to make a step to grow, and that’s when I started recording original music and making Dubwiser a band. I am more than just a DJ: Mexican Dubwiser is a sound system. I am a DJ who also likes to put on live shows with a full band.”

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