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  • Nacion Triizy’s New Album: A la México

    03/18/17 |   Kin Kon Records


  • Erick con más flow’s New EP: Método

    03/18/17 |   Kin Kon Records


    Method is the singer’s first mixtape of studio whose aim is to generate sensitivity and empathy in the audience beyond the barriers that divide one musical style from another. The mixtape consists of four solid and explicit themes that portray the way Erickvive lives, (hence the title). As he himself points out; In the end we all need a method to do anything.


    The songs that make up this work deal with themes about love and life with lyrics in which the reality of the context in which they were written can be identified.

    Method was produced by Eneca and Ulises Lozano who also was in charge of the mastering of the same and will release the material under his record label KinKon Records (the label of Kinky). Available on all digital platforms as of Friday, January 27, 2017.

    Listen to “Método”

  • Nacion Triizy’s New Single: En la Oscuridad

    03/18/17 |   Kin Kon Records


  • Mexican Dubwiser’s releases third full length album: Border Frequency

    03/18/17 |   Kin Kon Records


    Since relocating to Los Angeles, CA from Monterrey, Mexico in 2001, Mexican Dubwiser has been constantly creating and developing its own post futuristic sound, a fusion of electronic dance music with traditional Latin American and Caribbean rhythms as well as hip hop, funk, rock, and soul. The boundary pushing electronic duo, comprised of Ulises Lozano of Kinkyand Marcelo Tijerina, is now back with their third and strongest album yet, Border Frequency, which takes their musical concept to a whole new level.

    From the album’s opening, dance-floor burning track and single “Lecture Me” to the closing Hip Hop and R&B inspired “Walk to the Future”, “Border Frequency” represents the next step in the duo’s sonic journey and takes the listener on musical voyage through contemporary U.S. and Mexican borderlands.

    It’s their first album to be released under the joint venture of Kin Kon Records and The Music Joint and their first to feature lyrics primarily in English. Self-produced by both Lozano and Tijerina, the album includes collaborations with a who’s who list of notable artists from Mexico and the United States, including Tito Fuentes and Randy Ebright of Molotov, Money Mark (producer and musical collaborator with the Beastie Boys and Beck), soul-singers Katrina Blackstone andMyron Glasper, and Hip-Hop MCs Self Provoked and Natty Speaks.

    Mexican Dubwiser will be celebrating the release of Border Frequency with two noteworthy full-band performances. The first will take place on Sunday, March 19 in Mexico City at Vive Latino Music Festival, one of Latin America’s largest and most important music festivals. The second album release performance is set for the Havana World Music Festival on Saturday, March 25.

    Mexican Dubwiser’s first two albums, Revolution Radio and Electric City, lit up dance floors and radio stations throughout Latin America, the United States, and Europe, leading to performances on international festival stages and opening tour slots for distinguished artists from Latin America. With “Border Frequency”, Mexican Dubwiser further carves out its own niche in the world of electronic dance music and pushes the genre’s limits to new frontiers

    Listen to “Border Frequency” in Spotify