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David Suárez Andrade, best known as $antana1000000 is a singer-songwriter from Spain (Santiago de Compostela), an interpreter of reggaetón, merengue, rap and trap born in a small neighborhood called AMIO. His style is more rooted in old school reggaetón but he is able to adapt easily and with versatility to any musical style thanks to the flow that characterizes him and the realism of its lyrics that makes them digestible and friendly for different types of audience. Between simple and catchy lyrics, he puts the reality of the street and the bad life experienced by a neighborhood kid into music.

His career began approximately when he was 15 (age when he began to make songs) but it is in 2016 that he decides to travel to Mexico and start a life as a singer. From a very young age he had very strong musical influences because his father was always listening to music at home. Artists like Camarón, Tony the Gypsy, Juicy J and Daddy Yankee marked his childhood and later his interest in music.

Soon after starting to record his songs, he creates a reggaetón group called Los Gandinis; Formed by $antana1000000 (singer), Ice Rock (singer) and Tenso a.k.a Yip Kay Beats (music producer). Shortly afterwards Tenso Beats who was integral and producer of the project died. Such misfortune plunges the group, friends and acquaintances in general around them into sadness. Derived from this terrible event is that $antana1000000 decides to dedicate himself completely to music and to travel to Mexico and leave everything behind, to claim and to obtain the personal satisfaction of obtaining what all the components of the group the Gandinis wanted, TO GET RICH WITH MUSIC!

In January of 2017, Santana, releases its first single under the name of Dame 1 Chance. And in this same year he also presents his first mixtape Welcome 2 México, in it the artist expresses the dreams he wants to fulfill and shows us the desire he has to leave the neighborhood and dedicate himself completely to music. On his arrival in Mexico he met Erick con mas Flow and on April 16, 2017 he released his first hit with music video “Tú Estas Rica” by the singer. He is currently working on an EP with his main DJ “DJ Krizis” by Perreo Pesado and joining forces with Jess Garcia, Ea$y Mo (Los xxxulos), Varela (Los xxxulos) and Jamez Manuel. At the beginning of April he enters as an artist to the Los Angeles record label Kin Kon Records for which he is making reggaetón and Trap album.