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  • Silverio Releases His New Album “Naylons”

    05/09/13 |   Kin Kon Records


    His Imperial Majesty Silverio, better known as the King of Nasal Caves returns this 2013 with Naylons, an LP dedicated to female derriere. Naylons is intended for the dance floor, built with rock rhythms as is usual for the Chimpancingo native.

    Naylons is also his “nice” Album. You can listen to it in yout home stereo, at the party, in headphones and it will always bring in humor.

    NAYLONS_FRONTNaylons was produced by Silverio. It was recorded and mixed in his Majesty’s Studio. Eduardo Pacheco assisted in the mix of the album while Ron Boustead was responsible for mastering.

    The cover art was done by the photographer Mark Alor Powell, recognized around the world for his street art “Street Scenes” and his photography book entitled “Very Important Person”.

    Naylons is available for sale on iTunes U.S. and Canada through the Kin Kon Records label and is available as a 300 copy limited vinyl edition at Roma Records and the site

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